“Twerkers stole my innocence”

Michael Allen was subjected to an aggressive rendition of the bum-wiggling dance move – made famous by Miley Cyrus – during a twerking competition in front of 200 people at hip-hop venue Scala.

Dressed in a velvet jacket and standing awkwardly in the audience, he was not expecting to be handcuffed and pulled onto the wrestling-ring-style stage, during a night of dance battles and MC face-offs.

He became the centerpiece of the twerking final, with three girls using him to show how well they could shake their assets.

“It was certainly not arousing. It actually really hurt. I think they winded me but I wanted to act like a man and not show how much they hurt me. I feel like they beat me up,” Michael said.ma1

“I can see that it might have been pretty sexual if you were in the audience, though. I feel like they stole my innocence.”

A video called ‘Best Day Of His Life: Nerdy Journalist Gets Pulled On Stage & Grinded On By 2 Chicks At Twerk Competition’ was uploaded to website worldstarhiphop.com. It has now been watched over 211,000 times and has received 1,250 comments.

In the clip the dancers twerk against Michael’s crotch and push him to the ground before jumping into the splits and landing on his manhood.

ma4Michael has never twerked, or been twerked on, before.

The joint-winner of the competition – who goes by the name Angel – told Islington Now: “I didn’t like him being there. He was an obstacle to my dancing.”

Currently at circus school, Angel is a trained contortionist. Back in her native Caribbean she regularly does the ‘wuk-up’ (a similar dance) but is not an experienced twerker.

Michael added: “Anyone who says twerking is a symbol of misogyny is wrong. I have never felt so intimidated by women before in my life.”

The event was held in memory of rapper Notorious B.I.G.

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