Protest at London Met at undercover cop job

Bob Lambert, known at the time as Bob Robinson, holding the child he fathered with an animal right activist while undercover.

Protestors have called for the sacking of a lecturer at London Metropolitan University who led a fake life as an undercover cop.

Islington Against Police Spies demonstrated outside the university on Friday afternoon over Bob Lambert’s position as a senior criminology lecturer.

Mr Lambert infiltrated animal rights groups in the 1980s under the name Bob Robinson, forming sexual relationships and fathering a child with one activist, who he left when the child was two.

Lou Crisfield, a member of Islington Against Police Spies, said: “I think what Bob Lambert did was an appalling breach of trust, I don’t think he’s done enough to put what he did wrong right, and I don’t think he should be a well-respected lecturer at any university.

“It’s important that we’re here because there are students going in today who have no idea about his past, and quite a few of the younger ones have no idea that the police infiltrated activist groups at all.

“We need to tell people what happened, because it does sound like something out of a Hollywood film, but it actually happened and still has repercussions today.”

Mr Lambert worked for the Metropolitan Police for 30 years, and was part of the force’s controversial undercover unit, the Special Demonstration Squad, from 1983 to 1988.

The Met paid £425,000 in October to a woman called Jacqui, the father of his child, as part of an agreement to drop her legal action against the force.

Alex Neve, one of the founders of the protest group, said: “All these women have been heavily traumatised by their experiences. None of them consented to sleeping with a policeman, they consented to sleeping with Bob Robinson, but he didn’t exist.

“We’re saying he’s not a suitable person to be working here, supervising students, some of whom may be vulnerable, when he’s shown evidence of having a very dubious attitude towards women and consent in the past.

“Can he be trusted not to abuse the power that he’s abused in the past? I don’t think he can.”

A spokesman for London Metropolitan University said: “Bob Lambert is a valued member of our criminology department, where he is popular with both students and staff.

“While we recognise the mistakes Bob made in his police career, for which he has apologised and displayed deep regret, we have absolute faith in him as a lecturer and member of our community.

“During a thirty-one year policing career, Bob made a significant contribution to tackling terrorism, political violence and hate crimes in London which, along with his strong academic record, makes him a valuable asset to criminology teaching at London Met.”

In 2012, Mr Lambert was accused by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas of the 1987 firebombing of the Harrow branch of Debenhams department store in protest at the store’s sales of fur. Lambert has denied involvement in the attack.

Helen Idieho, who studies Early Child Studies at London Met, only learned about Bob Lambert while walking past the protest on her way to class.

She said: “I had no idea what he’s done, and I don’t think it’s right.”

She added that she agreed with IAPS’ demand that he be sacked.

“It would be better if he came clean and resigned, but if he didn’t want to go then by all means he should be sacked.”