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Annual Tufnell Park yard sale brings more than 80 houses together

Chris Wise selling refreshments from the Foxham Gardens kiosk. Image: Lucy Knight

Families in Tufnell Park joined forces on Sunday afternoon to host a “Yard Sale Bonanza.” More than 80 households across 14 streets took part in this community event, selling their wares to neighbours.

Whilst most stalls were selling unwanted clothes, books, and toys, others included home-made cakes, and one seller had produce he had grown on his allotment. There was even a reptile rescue stall, where children were exchanging their pocket money for the chance to pet and feed snakes and lizards.

Each participating house chose whether to keep their own profit or to donate the money to charity. Barbara Flynn, who was raising money for her chosen charity, Marie Curie, loves the yard sale, although she resents it having such an “American-sounding” name, preferring “Front Garden Fest.”

The first sale was eight years ago, when interior designer Tessa Wire and her family wanted to have a yard sale but felt that it would be difficult to gain enough traction by themselves. Wire rallied up her neighbours, and the yard sale has grown year on year, now spanning from Campdale Road to Holloway Road.

Stallholders insist that the sale relies upon the organisation and advertising she does. “It runs itself. All I do is put a map together,” Wire said. Thanks to Wire, this small neighbourhood have been able to step out of their houses for an afternoon and come together as a community.

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