Who will win in Islington? Your general election guide


With the election just a few weeks away, we’ve made a guide of everything you need to know about the election.

Get the facts that will help you make your decision on who to vote for in Islington’s two constituencies, Islington North and Islington South and Finsbury.

Islington North

Current MP: Jeremy Corbyn (Labour)
Majority: 12,401 (27.8%)
2010 general election results

islington north 2010 general election result

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has been MP of Islington North since 1983. The constituency has been described by the Guardian as:

The north end of Islington away from smarter south; poor, but gradually gentrifying. Includes Finsbury Park, Arsenal, and many Cypriot voters.

This compact constituency, the smallest in the country by area, is home to HMP Holloway and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. While it now covers the north half of the Borough of Islington, the constituency’s boundaries have changed considerably since 1970 due to the depopulation of central London as people move to the suburbs.

2015 candidates

jeremy corbyn labour islington north and finsbury

Jeremy Corbyn (Labour)

The long-term MP says he has “fought for basic rights such as affordable housing, health care and education for all”. He is a member of Parliament’s Socialist Campaign Group, and believes Trident should be scrapped for health and housing funding.

julian gregory lib dem islington north and finsbury

Julian Gregory (Lib Dem)

The 34-year-old barrister lives in Islington and is standing for the parliamentary seat after previously standing for the council.

alex burghard conservative islington north and finsbury

Dr Alex Burghart (Conservative)

Running for his home constituency, Burghart stated: “I am proud that under a Conservative-led government, in Islington North we have seen unemployment fall, spending on the poorest pupils rise and the number of vulnerable children being adopted soar.”

caroline russell Green islington north and finsbury

Caroline Russell (Green)

Russell was elected in May 2014 to represent Highbury East in the council. She is the Green Party’s national spokesperson on Local Transport, and successfully campaigned for 20mph limits on main roads in Islington.

greg clough ukip islington north and finsbury

Greg Clough (Ukip)

Clough, UKIP’s Austrailian-born candidate, says immigrants should wait to access to benefits and NHS treatment. He lives in Highbury fields with his family, and believe the UK should scrap foreign aid overseas to “foreign despots in India.”

bill martin socialist islington north and finsbury

Bill Martin (Socialist)

Bill Martin, the Socialist Party’s candidate, states “we see the problems facing the world as stemming from the ownership of the wealth of the world by a privileged class”.

Islington South and Finsbury

Current MP: Emily Thornberry (Labour)
Majority: 3,569 (8.2%)
2010 general election results

islington south 2010 general election result

Islington South and Finsbury has been described by the Guardian as:

A part-grand, part-poor metaphor for New Labour; Tony Blair lived here prior to his election as prime minister. Its dinner tables are routinely maligned as the natural habitat of the hypocritical, well-off, ostensibly liberal “chattering classes”.

Emily Thornberry has been MP for the constituency for 10 years, but she came under fire last year after a controversial tweet about a white van led to her having to resign from the role of Shadow Attorney General.

The seat encompasses Barnsbury, Canonbury, major parts of Holloway, Kings Cross, Bunhill, Pentonville and Clerkenwell. It is a fashionable residential area, well known because Tony Blair lived here before being elected Prime Minister.

Despite being an up-market area, it also has a high proportion traditional Labour voters – with many council tenants and a substantial Afro-Carribbean community.

2015 candidates

emily thornberry labour islington south

Emily Thornberry (Labour)

Thornberry says she will “stand up for what matters to people in Islington”. She recently launched an Equal Pay campaign to coincide with International Women’s Day.

terry stacy lib dem islington south

Terry Stacy (Lib Dem)

A tenant of a Housing Association, Stacy has been a local councillor for over 13 years. Saying “you can’t get more working class than me”, he believes he’s in touch with Islington’s poorest.

mark lim conservative islington south

Dr Mark Lim (Conservative)

Lim grew up in Highbury and now works as a children’s doctor. He has an interest in education, and believes healthcare could be improved through local initiatives.

charlie kiss green islington south

Charlie Kiss (Green)

Kiss states he is a “strong believer in LGBT equality and justice”. He is a Unison activist, and states that we “need to reverse Britain’s worsening inequality” – having experienced both unemployment and homelessness.

pete muswell ukip islington south

Pete Muswell (Ukip)

Muswell says he has worked in Islington all his life and states he “can no longer watch our political ruling class negotiate away our hard-won rights”.

So what will happen?

Both Islington North and Islington South and Finsbury have solid Labour majority which will be hard to topple.

The results will depend in part on how the Liberal Democrat vote holds up – or otherwise. The party came in second place for both constituencies in 2010. If this vote disintegrates, it could open the election up. As the 2014 local council election results show, the Greens managed to capitalise on this.

2014 local election results for Islington Council

2014 islington local council elections result

It’s unlikely, looking at national poll projections, that Labour’s hold on Islington’s constituencies will be loosened. The Liberal Democrats, the main opposition party, will most likely lose votes to Labour, Green and Conservative parties – but this splintering of the opposition vote will do little to unsettle the incumbents.

The popularity of UKIP does not appeal to Islington people, with the party failing to achieve even 1% of the local council elections in 2014.

Featured image: t0msk, Flickr


  1. i really hope that the conservative will win this general election i would really like Melanie mclean the conservative councilor candidate to win and become Islington North MP. it would be a nice change. and Dr Mark Lim to be the south islington conservative MP which would be a hell of a lot better then **** Jeremy Corbyn and **** Emily Thornberry!!!

  2. Sorry to read lorenza’s comments, not only because of the immoderate language but also because of the support for a Conservative who is not standing to be MP in the north of the borough.

  3. Hi Lorenza,
    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, our community team has had to edit your post because it is deemed offensive and against our community rules. We try to encourage comments which generate discussion and debate, and we do not tolerate swearing or abusive language. We have therefore blanked the swear words out. We hope you continue commenting on the site in a suitable manner.

  4. Interesting to see that our previous (till the election was called) sitting MPs are the only candidates who also stood in 2010.

  5. Extremely sad to see UKIP bothering to stand in this constituency. Whilst I am no fan of the bigger parties I am absolutely no fan of the negative, introverted, bigoted, myopic UKIP. It beggars belief that in this rich melting pot of a City, built on the cut and thrust of international commerce, migration and ever closer european ties that this coalition of extreme right wing tea-party Tories, BNP cut-off, Britain First renegades, hope to thrive here of all places. UKIP exists to make people with a nostalgia for Enoch Powell feel they have a place in this modern world. They don’t.

  6. Much as i deplore Lorenza’s comments – I note her/his email address is showing despite the statement that “your email address will not be published” – is this a deliberate reaction to the post?

    In any case – as the last election was a 65% turnout to vote (Islington North) – which seems pretty good, everyone who is eligible to vote needs to vote regardless of political affiliation – if you believe in it vote for it. Your vote does make a difference, even more so where the two party domination in UK politics is being eroded.

    Many say they don’t have a voice, we do, you do – but by not voting you are silencing yourself and by abstaining you supporting parties and policies you don’t agree in. By abstaining you are saying you are happy they way things are.

    There is a revoloution happening with party politics – if we don’t engage, if we dont vote then we will return to the merry go round of Consertive/Labour.

    Thursday 7th May 2015 – VOTE if you don’t then you are letting someone else vote for you…..

  7. Jeremy Corbyn has served as your MP for many years & as such has obviously done a good job. He does, however, consider terrorist groups as his friends, will not support military intervention until it is too late to defend ourselves. His economic policies have failed in 50 other countries the latest being Venezuela. He supported Chavez as he dismantled this oil-rich country until its people starve under hyper inflation, a two day week etc etc. This is the future of the UK once his hard-left Marxist policies take hold & he puts the unions back in charge. JohnMcDonnell remember says that we have a lot to learn from Das Kapital, the Marxists bible.

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