Shelter’s charity runners dash to success

Last Thursday more than 1200 people ran Vertical Rush. Vertical Rush is a unusual charity run: instead of jogging on the green, the participants run the 932 steps that lead to the panoramic view of of Tower 42m, the third highest skyscraper of the City in Old Broad street. People from 17 to 70 came all the way from 50 miles outside of London to run the 42 floors of the tower in the quickest time.

Shelter, an Islington-based charity, organised the event for the 9th year in a row: “We had now more than eight and a half thousand people who run up in the tower, and we raised more than two million pounds. It is an incredibly important event and one that we really really love” said Lawrence Orr, one of the organisers.

Did you take part in this year’s Vertical Rush? Send us your photos and tweet to us @islingtonow. The Vertical Rush 2018 registration is now open!