VIDEO: Sausage taste test

Henry Kirby, The Hackney Post and Islington Now independent sausage tester reviews four choice offerings from The Jellied Eel, who have teamed up with The London Farmer’s Market to find the best sausage in the capital.

The Jellied Eel is the quarterly magazine for sustainable food in London, produced by London Food Link and B.I.G. Media, available to pickup at over 150 locations around the city.

A variety of sausages were sampled before our judge declared the wiener.

The four sausages on offer  for Mr Kirby to taste were:

  1. Frank Godfrey’s: Lincolnshire Sage
  2. South Downs Venison & Game: wild venison, port, and redcurrant
  3. Flitteris Park Farm: Gloucester Old Spot Lincolnshire
  4. Stocks Farm: pork and leek.

Watch him do his wurst below: