Vampires strike Islington in new gothic horror novel

A new gothic thriller that will hit book stores this Christmas is set entirely in Islington.

Sarah Channing Wright’s The Angels of Islington features a group of vampires who integrate themselves into the 1990s goth subculture.

The novel is the first book of its kind to be set within the London gothic scene, and locals may recognise many of the sites in the novel.

Speaking to this paper, Ms Channing Wright said: “There are several Islington landmarks that people will know: the tube stations, St Mary’s Church and The Little Angel Theatre to name a few.

“I chose Islington because there was a nightclub in Torrens Street called Electrowerkz that I used to go to when I moved here in 1996.”

When not penning gothic novels, Ms Channing Wright works as a graphic designer and publisher.

Speaking on her inspiration, she said:  “I made a lot of friends there and wanted to capture the spirit of the club, the area and the people within a gothic horror setting.”

 Despite the recent surge of romantic horror novels, she told this paper: “This is not a sparkly vampire story.”

The novel will be self-published by Sarah Channing Wright and will be released on 12 December this year.

A pre-launch party will be held at Electrowerkz on 6 December as part of the Renaissance Alternative Music Festival.

You can pre-order the book here.