Three months and counting for council to repair building

Residents of a new council-owned apartment block in St. George’s ward are still waiting for repairs to the building’s entrance, despite reporting the damage three months ago.

They reported the damage on 1 July after a white Ford transit van reversed into the entrance of 7A Tufnell Park Road, a section of Holbrooke Court.

The incident left the steel structure of the apartment block exposed, and fractured the bottom part of its exterior, which has been left dangling by a single metal bolt.

Esin Evcimen, 38, a resident of the apartment block since it opened last July, and vice-chairman of Holbrooke Court, described the damage as “dangerous” and “unsafe.”

“We reported it and reported it,” she said. “A repairman came three weeks ago and measured the damage up, but still we’ve heard nothing [from Islington Council].

“Every time it rains, the water’s obviously going into the building and it’s corroding the inside,” she added.

Talking about the incident, she said: “We were sitting down and then all of a sudden I heard a bang and the whole building shook.

“I thought it was a truck going by, so I didn’t think anything of it, but then the lady downstairs buzzed and said to come outside.

“[The sharp fragment] looks really dangerous. I walk around it when I leave the flat.”

Islington Council declined to comment on the damage to the property.