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The 5 best pizza places in Islington

The Italian’s have given the world so many wonderful things: Prosecco, Pasta, heck even Pavarotti.

But most importantly, our Euro chums have given us the gift of pizza.

Back when our Roman friends created the scrummy treat, little did they know how much we rely on the yeast feast to get us through all of life’s problems.

From awkward first dates, to heartbreak, the humble Italian flatbread has become a staple of everyday life; the life-blood hungry students.

So we sent our very own Arnau Vila on a very important journalistic mission to eat pizza all day to find the best pizza in Islington. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Here’s how he got on..




Credit: Santoré

Located in the heart of foodie heaven, Exmouth Market, Santoré is a family run restaurant with heaps of flavour.

Almost all the ingredients used in their meals are imported from their Italian-based supplier and they use a wood oven to bake their creations.

And if the allure of authentic Italian ingredients from *actual* Italy wasn’t enough, the pizzeria has also been shortlisted by TimeOut and the Evening Standard as one of the top 10 pizza places in London.

So if the real deal is what you’re after, head on down to Santoré .

Pizza + friendly staff + great location = #winning

LOCATION: 59 – 61 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QL

PRICE: Margherita pizza £8.25




Credit: Saponara

A hop, skip and a jump from Angel station is Saponara, a tiny and cosy traditional family restaurant in the heart of N1.

Open for more than 20 years,  Saponara is a real family affair. Every morning, the pizza dough, like the pasta, is freshly prepared by the ‘pizzaiolo’ (Italian for pizza chef, don’t cha know).

The restaurant also houses a delicatessen shop, where you buy cheeses, cold meats, baked breads and appetizers, where you can stock on goodies if you weren’t full enough from the extensive pizza menu.

Named the best pizza place in the area by Time Out, you better be quick if you want a slice of the action!

LOCATION: 23 Prebend St, London N1 8PF

PRICE:Margherita pizza £7.95





Credit: Oregano

If you are looking for a piece of Italy in Islington, maybe this little gem in St Alban’s Place is for you.

Handily located in front of Islington Green, don’t be fooled by the unpretentious and humble decor, the menu is one of the most extensive there is, letting you take your pick from 19 different types of pizza.

This friendly neighbourhood pizzeria imports ingredients directly from Italy and bakes their pizzas  in a traditional wood-fired stone oven.

The pizza dough is paper thin and crispy and the toppings are generous, but if you feel like having more, you can always add extra toppings, ranging from pine nuts and jalapeno peppers, to tuna, anchovies and mozzarella.

And before you leave, don’t forget to try their traditional ice creams, tiramisú or panna cotta.

LOCATION: 18-19 St Alban’s Pl, London N1 0NX

PRICE: Lazio pizza £7.45



La Porchetta

la por

Credit: La Porchetta

If you are looking for pizzas with “il gusto giusto”, (the right taste and flavour), head to La Porchetta.

The dough is made fresh each morning, as is the tomato sauce, all cooked in their imported Italian ovens.

At La Porchetta dishes are carefully created using only the freshest ingredients, many of which are directly imported from Italy.

The Italian chain of restaurants offer reasonably priced pizzas, which tend to be big and lapping over the edges of the plate, but if you’re still feel hungry, why don’t you try the classic tiramisu dessert?

LOCATION: 141-142 Upper St, London N1 1QY

PRICE: Margherita pizza £7.50




Credit: Pixxa/Marco Braggion

Who said pizza has to be an  unhealthy fast food option?

Pixxa creates pizza in the Roman way, which is perfect health conscious folk- they’re lower in fat and calories.

They say the secret of the pizza relies in the dough, which is made with the best wheat and soya flours and is then leavened for at least 48 hours, in order to make it soft and crispy, like everyone likes it.

In addition to their everyday menu, they also offer a selection of three special pizzas each day.

Most importantly it remains open until late at night, in true Italian style!

LOCATION: 8 St John St, London EC1M 4AY

PRICE:  a slice of pizza is £4. A whole pizza is  £20.


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