Taste test: Hummus Bros

Hummus Bros pass Islington Now's taste test! Image: Mundo Resink
Hummus Bros pass Islington Now's taste test! Image: Mundo Resink
Hummus Bros pass the taste test! Image: Mundo Resink

With Hummus Bros opening a new location in Exmouth Market, Islington Now wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Sarah Pilchick went to the restaurant’s Holborn location and brought varieties of hummus back to the newsroom so the paper’s resident experts on Middle Eastern culture could give their thoughts on the region’s hottest dish.

Callum Patton, former Egypt resident, on the beef hummus:

“I think that they’ve done a very good job of combining the meat and the hummus as it’s not something you see very often in the UK. The meat was more of a stewed casserole affair than I was expecting. Maybe something a little bit drier and less succulent would be better, just to have more contrast with the creamy hummus. I like to have a little bit more of something to push back on when I’m scooping hummus out with my bread. I hope to see great things from Hummus Bros in the future.”

Tom Little, Middle East correspondent, on the classic chickpea hummus with free-range egg:

“It was very nice but the one thing I’d say is that the hummus itself wasn’t firm enough. There was too much oil on the top so it was a bit greasy but overall the taste was very pleasing and I would go back again. I particularly enjoyed the sliced egg on top as you can’t find that at many hummus places these days.”

Paul Wright, visitor to Oman, UAE, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, on the chicken hummus:

“The hummus was too creamy and overly gooey but the bread was good. The whole dish was a bit too salty and oily but the lemon dressing countered this well.”

Note to hummus connoisseurs: while Hummus Bros offers a free lemon and garlic mix with every bowl of hummus, resist the urge to dump it all on top of the food. Do, however, get the mint and ginger lemonade.