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Holloway prison closure possible factor in death of relocated inmate

The closure of Holloway Prison caused significant stress to prisoners, and was a possible factor in the subsequent death of a relocated inmate, a...

Locals blast distasteful banner on Archway’s ‘Suicide Bridge’

Windscreen repair companyAutoglass was forced to distance itself from a "distasteful" banner displayed on an Islington bridge known for its high number of suicides. The...

Warring councillors delay ‘Suicide Bridge’ changes

A suicide hotspot remains untouched six months after bereaved families were promised changes by authorities, Islington Now has learnt. Haringey and Islington engaged in an...

Man suicide falling from the Archway Bridge

Archway Bridge was the scene of a fifth suicide in three years this week. A 28-year-old man died after jumping from the bridge at around...

Dignity in drama

In his one man show, Chris Larner shares the trauma of taking his wife to Switzerland's euthanasia clinic

Islington suicide centre plans to expand

Maytree Centre in Finsbury Park, which provides sanctuary and support for suicidal people, plans to expand.

The Islington suicides: young men who can’t go on

Stepping off the plane at Heathrow after a long, hot journey from the United States, Paul Kelly and his wife were ushered into a...