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Plaques reveal borough’s secret history

Walk Islington's streets for long enough and you might catch a flash of blue or green out of the corner of your eye. Over...

Newington Green graffiti celebrates Wollstonecraft

Fans of famous feminist Mary Wollstonecraft are celebrating her surprise appearance in the form of graffiti on the side of a church in Newington Green.

International Women’s Day: Storify and comment

Islington Now's Storify of International Women's Day

A beaming tribute to the mother of feminism

Campaigners are raising money for a statue of Mary Wollstonecraft

Plaque to honour Mary Wollstonecraft

From behind the gates at Newington Green Primary School, council leader Catherine West joked: “I feel like I’m in a prison.”

Why Mary Wollstonecraft will always beat Leona

With Leona Lewis topping a poll as London’s most influential woman of the last 100 years, it’s good to see that Mary Wollstonecraft is at least getting some overdue attention.