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Dating column: Thanks god he was a leftie

I walked into Little Bat, a trendy cocktail bar, absolutely shaking. I’d already wandered around for ten minutes in Highbury and Islington, attempting to...

‘Blue skies’ exhibition for women who have experienced violence

A new group of female photographers is taking Islington by storm. Harriet Agerholm finds out more Following International Women’s Day, Islington Arts Factory is hosting an exhibition of photographs by women who have suffered violence.

Islington gallery hosting events on social activism

Cubitt gallery holds a series of talks focusing on social justice

Why not to combine jogging with community projects?

Exercise is, in principle, a selfish act; from the gym posers curling weights to the yoga-bunnies with aspirations of looking like a Kardashian, it...

Coffee shop love story in Islington

It seems two residents in Islington have been bitten by the 'love-bug'. Chloe Kerr went to investigate....

The best Easter treats in Islington

We sent Harry Misiko out to sample the best cakes around the borough to celebrate Easter

March through London to raise awareness for endometriosis

With one in ten Islington residents suffering from the disease, a march through Central London on 19 March aims to raise awareness for the condition

New enterprise BuddyHub tackles loneliness among older Islington residents

Since caring for her mother’s early-onset dementia when she was just a teenager, Catherine McClen has been acutely aware of the isolation of older...

Islington’s country living magazine spring fair

The Country Living Magazine Spring Fair quite possibly a uniquely Islington affair. You can buy anything your heart desires at this fair.

Who are the ‘Humans of Islington’?

A collection of photos depicting the people of Islington, who are beautiful inside and out. We give you an insight into the characters making up our diverse borough. Here are the best ‘Humans of Islington’.