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Will Holloway’s rich history survive gentrification?

If Highbury Corner is Islington’s beating heart, then the Holloway Road is its aorta, the main artery through which people and traffic are funneled through the borough. The name, Hollow Way, comes from the ‘hollow’ that cattle made in the road as they made their way from the countryside to the markets of London. The

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Chicken shops to vegan cafes: the slow gentrification of Holloway road

What happens when gentrification strikes in your local neighbourhood? Look around, and you will probably be able to spot the telltale signs. First come the students and bohemian creatives who bring with them fixie bikes, underground club nights and even a vegan cafe or two. They will take pride in telling their friends that their

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“Cowardly” Islington Council bans residents from questioning Archway Road transport scheme

Islington Council has been accused of “cowardly” behaviour after its members voted against taking public questions at the annual Budget Meeting. Residents who attended the meeting have accused the Council of using an “us and them” style after being banned from posing their questions about planned changes to the gyratory transport system on Archway Road–

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Say hello to LoHo: Islington’s coolest new hotspot

The bottom of Holloway Road, just past Highbury Corner, leading up to the Nags Head junction, was once known as Lower Holloway. The term, however, fell out of use over the past two decades. There is now a growing campaign to bring the name back. Leading the charge of rebranding the area is the ingeniously

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Islington street art pilgrimage – an Instagram guide

We traced back the most fascinating graffiti in Islington that residents decided to feature on Instagram. Scroll down for a map with graffiti locations. If you want to explore these street art gems yourself, start by wandering along Caledonian Road – a leader by the graffiti density, including the works by North London pop art

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Holloway teenager’s terrorism charge prompts fury from supporters

The charge against 18-year-old Silhan Ozcelik for links to an outlawed Kurdish group has prompted fury from supporters who insist that she headed for Syria in a bid to fight Isis. The teenager, from Holloway, is alleged to have links with the Kurdistan Workers’ party (PKK), a group which is on the Home Office’s list of

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Holloway residents reveal persistent fears over security

Holloway residents have voiced fears over their personal safety, on the same day as local police failed to show up at a community event.  The surgery was advertised as an opportunity for residents to come and share any potential concerns they might have regarding local crime in the area. But due to a total lack

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Car crash at busy Holloway junction

An accident involving a white lorry and a dark blue Toyota break occurred on Wednesday at an Islington junction. The crash happened at around 3pm at the junction between Parkhurst Road, Camden Road and Hillmarton Road in Holloway. The white lorry was seriously damaged at the front, while the Toyota was majorly dented on its

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Holloway burglary raises questions over security of elderly

Police are advising the elderly to keep a watch for ‘confidence tricksters’, after a 98-year-old was robbed of her Christmas savings in her Holloway home last week. Blind and partially deaf, Hilda Porter opened the door of her Camden Road flat to a man pretending to be from the water board. The individual turned out

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Archway gang members jailed

THE final three members of an Archway gang convicted for their role in the fatal attack of a man on a Holloway estate were sentenced at the Old Bailey last week. Jamie Farrell, 26, from Hornsey, Tyson Mason-Riley, 20, of Holloway and an 18 year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons were given between 18 months and two years for violent disorder for their part in the attack.