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Holloway prison closure possible factor in death of relocated inmate

The closure of Holloway Prison caused significant stress to prisoners, and was a possible factor in the subsequent death of a relocated inmate, a...

Echoes of Holloway Prison – Memories of a prison’s past

Former staff and inmates of Holloway Prison are sharing their memories of the jail in a series of oral histories, films, and workshops. Holloway prison...

Islington library a step closer to suffragette rebrand

A local councillor has endorsed Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion to rename the John Barnes Library to commemorate the suffragette movement. But she says there are...

Holloway prison’s most famous inmates

Holloway Prison, just a stone's throw from the bustle of Holloway Road, has been a constant fixture of the landscape for almost two centuries. And...

Vicky Pryce’s time in Holloway: famous past inmates

As Vicky Pryce starts her stint in East Sutton Park, we take a look at famous inmates of her first prison, Holloway.

How Vicky Pryce would have spent her first nights in Holloway

A former Holloway prisoner speaks about what life is like inside

Vicky Pryce to serve part of sentence in Holloway Prison

Vicky Pryce will spend at least part of her eight month sentence for perverting the course of justice in Holloway Prison

Holloway Prison population rises as budget shrinks

Holloway Prison's population rose by a fifth last year while the amount of prison service money spent on the facility shrunk 3 per cent

Google removes Holloway Prison from estate agents list

Google has pulled Holloway Prison from its online list of estate agents. As revealed yesterday, the search engine was listing the prison as a top...

Google sends flat seekers to jail

Struggling to find a flat in Islington? Google has a unique suggestion: a cell in Holloway Prison. Eagle-eyed Londoner David Burgess spotted that when you look...