Students discover high air pollution near their school

Holloway Metrolines Bus Garage
Holloway Metrolines Bus Garage – Ph by Len Stanway

A Junction Ward school have discovered high levels of air pollution after taking part in an initiative teaching and studying the different kinds of pollution.

Students of St John’s Upper Holloway Primary School in Pemberton Gardens joined the Cleaner Air 4 School Project, part of London Sustainability Exchange, a charity promoting the knowledge of the common source of air pollution and the proposal of the possible solutions.

The students found streets around the school had nitrogen dioxide levels twice the EU limit of 40 micrograms per cubic metre. The Cleaner Air project gave pupils the possibility to analyse diffusion tubes and wipes taken from the school’s windows.

“The Cleaner Air 4 Schools project was an opportunity to involve students in this important issue. Pupils enjoyed the practical aspects of the project conducting analysis and making observations to measure levels of pollution” Brian Welsh, head teacher of St John’s, said.

The school is located 150 metres form the Holloway Metroline bus garage and main roads such as Junction Road and Holloway Road, where more than 100,000 vehicles transit everyday.

A considerable number of these journeys are related to education so Cleaner Air 4 Schools will work with parents and schools in order to reduce unnecessary road trips.