Skyscrapers as tall as 155 metres to rise in Islington

Infographic of heights

Seven new skyscrapers will appear across Islington’s skyline over the next few years, it was revealed this week.

Mainly residential, the new buildings will all be at least 20 floors high and provide hundreds of new flats for people in the borough. It is not yet clear how many of these will be affordable homes.

Four of the seven will be built on City Road, between Angel and Old Street stations, and the highest will be a pair of new towers each touching 155 metres tall.

A survey compiled by think-tank New London Architecture and property consultants GL Hearn found that 263 towers providing nearly 15,000 new homes are in the pipeline across the city.

Of these, 76 are proposed or in the planning system, 117 have planning approval but are not yet on site, and 70 are already under construction. In Islington, the construction of four skyscrapers is already underway and all of them will be completed in 2016.

Two have recently been granted planning permission.

Islington’s skyscrapers compared to other London buildings

Infographic of heights

A 25-floor tower near Hornsey Road Arches is still under consideration. Islington’s tallest new build will be 42 storeys high – far smaller than some of the others planned for London that will tower up to 80 storeys high.

Four of the seven skyscrapers will have shops or cafes on the ground floor, while the remaining floors will be made up of flats.

Sir Edward Lister, deputy mayor of London for policy and planning, said:

“London remains a generally low rise city, but with the capital set to be home to 10 million people by 2030 there is no doubt that well-designed tall buildings have a key role to play.”

Infographic by Sam Walsh