Could you help reunite lost family photos with their owner?

Do you recognise this man? This photo was one of several found on a street in Archway

A Junction resident who found touching family photos is attempting to return them to their rightful owner.

Charm Walker-Smith found the photos on the corner of St. John’s Way and Mulkern Road in Archway on 3 October as she was taking her daughter to her childminder. Ms Walker-Smith said the pictures “looked like they had been dropped but no one was about and it was starting to rain, so I took them so they didn’t get ruined.”

She has tried to find the owner on local social media channels, but no one has yet come forward to claim the photos. However, Ms Walker-Smith said “one lady suggested that the photos could be from the 1980s and that there is probably a Turkish connection.” The photos feature four men standing in front of the ‘Istanbul Kebab’ and a man on a bicycle holding a child among others.

Ms Walker-Smith added that: “I know they are just old photos, but they tell such a story and they could be precious to someone. I hope that they find their way home.”

She has requested that anyone who might know the owner of the photos, contact her on Twitter @CharmLShake .