Reading into Islington

kathrynfaulkner Are you a Dickens reader or a Dahl? More of a Hemingway than a Hornby? What does your bookcase say about you? Local photographer Kathryn Faulkner answers these questions – and more – at Bibliology, her most recent exhibition as resident artist at the Golden Lane Estate Gallery.

Bibliology celebrates the residents of the Golden Lane Estate on Goswell Road, distilling their identities into carefully-chosen photographs of their books and bookshelves: “For me reading is an internal space you can withdraw into, you become absorbed in the book and the external world falls away – that’s why I chose the subject,” explains Kathryn.

The photographs each arranged stylishly on the bare brick walls of the urban-chic gallery, tell the story of their owner’s love for books. A slideshow in a tiny basement downstairs showcases pinhole camera shots of residents reading their favourite books. In the corner is “Daniel’s Bookcase”, an eccentric portrait of mismatched books surrounded by bowler hats. Next to it is ‘Dan’s Bookcase’, a meticulously-arranged shelf stocked with high-brow classics and the odd JK Rowling: “Bibliology is part of my ‘Super Estates’ project, focused on this housing estate,” says Kathryn. “The residents are all very different, but they all love reading, so it brings them together.”

Check out Sarah Rainey’s audio interview with Kathryn:

Bibliology runs until March 20.

Image credit – Sarah Rainey