Neo exhibition opens in Holloway

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An art student has founded her own exhibition in Holloway to help emerging artists overcome the difficulties of showing their work.

Carla Humphreys, an art student from the University of East London, founded

Neo, an exhibition that aims to give up-and-coming artists a platform to show their work in London.

She said: “I’ve got an understanding of how hard it is and I wanted to try to give people the opportunity they don’t always get.”

Ms Humphreys explained that in London especially, renting out space to show your work is expensive, and very few new artists have the money to spend on a gallery.

“I wanted to keep the cost down as much as possible. I didn’t want to charge the artists an exceptional amount and all the galleries I looked at were getting a bit pricey, so a friend of mine told me about the Islington Arts Factory in Holloway and I loved it.”

Miss Humphreys has high hopes for Neo; although she admits due to the recent art cuts it is not the best climate to be investing.

“I’m hoping to get it registered as a charity to get extra funding, although that will be hard. But I’m hoping if I can get it successfully registered receiving funding will be easier. But it will always be about emerging artists, giving them that platform they may not have had otherwise.”

Neo Exhibition is at Islington Arts Factory on Parkhurst Road and finishes on Friday.