Meet the Islington artist putting curfew signs up in London

Islington’s under curfew, apparently.

If you were walking past the crossing at City Road last week, you might have noticed a curfew sign high up on the lamppost. By Monday morning, it had been taken down.

This was the work of enigmatic street artist Dr D. Similar “curfew” signs have been going up all around London. We caught up with the good doctor for a (very) quick chat.

Why the signs?

“Partly because I was evicted from a house 20 years ago when the council did a compulsory purchase to get their hands on some land.

“Now 20 years on, the house is still derelict they have never used it. All the politicians [are] coming out with we’re going to build “x” amount, the other lot say “y” amount; is all election bullshit.

“What have you all been doing for the last 10 years – taking backhanders and fiddling with your expenses.

“The people that work in London need to live in London, hence the Curfew sign as that is what is happening now, a Curfew. Here’s a crazy idea, why don’t we train our youngsters to build these houses we need.

“No sorry that’s impossible because we’re incompetent.”

Why that particular location at City Road junction?

“It’s busy.”

How long have you been making these signs? What other locations?

“3 weeks all around London.”


So what’s the reaction been like?

“Strangely quiet, I think a lot of people just filter out signage, but people think it’s about different things. Someone online said ‘regarding youth curfews….or ethnic cleansing I can’t be sure….’ ”


Have you ever been caught out while putting these up?

“Hold on there’s someone at the door, I’ll get back to you.”