Market trader offers meal bonus for Movember


A food stall is doing its bit for Movember – the November campaign in which men grow moustaches to raise awareness of prostate

Courtesy Simon Bajkowski

and testicular cancer –  by offering free meal upgrades for anybody taking part.

The Wild Game Company, which pitches up at Whitecross Street Market on weekdays, is offering free upgrades from a venison burger to the deluxe £7.50 ‘Royal Stag’ burger throughout November for people participating in Movember, which raises funds and awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. It is also giving away free side dishes at its pop-up restaurant in Soho.

Ruaridh Emslie, Head of Operations at the Wild Game Co., told Islington Now how personal participation in Movember made him want to involve his business.

He said, “This is the first year we’ve done something in an official capacity, but I did it myself last year.

“We got approached to do the Movember cookbook, and it went from there. Movember suits our values – it’s a fairly laid-back attitude to doing something but something that is really good. It’s doing a lot for men’s health, which is a really good thing.”

The promotion has had some success, with Jan Smit (pictured) one of the dozens who have taken advantage of the deal so far.

But the offer is only available to registered ‘Mo Bros’ – people who have signed up through the official website – meaning just having facial hair doesn’t count for anything.

“We’ve had a few people every day [involved in the campaign], and also a lot of people who say they’re doing it unofficially,” explained Mr Emslie. “We want to give something back for people who are making a difference.”

A donations box at the stall means that even those who aren’t suitably moustached can still support the cause.


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