Man suicide falling from the Archway Bridge

Archway Bridge
Archway Bridge

Archway Bridge was the scene of a fifth suicide in three years this week.

A 28-year-old man died after jumping from the bridge at around 12.30pm on Friday. The man, who was previously known to the police for anti-social behaviour, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Around 12.30, the drivers in Archway Road called the police that at 5.45pm reported the incident. The police have ruled out any further investigation.

The man has been seen by locals with a ladder trying to climb over the barrier of the bridge. Once he was on the top of the 1.5metres railings he fell down from the bridge.

Kristy McLouglhin, who works at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, revealed in a message on her Facebook page that the young man was ignored by drivers. “He was in a bad way. I panicked. I had no equipment and no support. Nobody came to help me. I feel absolutely let down by the human race.”

Islington Council with Junction and Haringey councillors have proposed to add an additional 1.5m of steel wire onto the existing barrier after up to 800 people signed a petition asking for anti-suicide solutions in June. They are still waiting for a reply from English Heritage, which listed the bridge as a structure of “historical interest” in 1972.