Start your day with laughter at the world’s first morning comedy club

Comedy A.M., a monthly stand-up show that launched in Old Street this week, aims to turn commuting culture upside down and help people start the day laughing.

Laughter, wellness and connect like-minded people at Comedy AM.
Laughter, wellness and connect like-minded people at Comedy AM.

For many City workers, mornings are synonymous with high stress, bleary eyes and a strong desire to go back to bed. But entrepreneur Kassandra Lauren Gordon wants to change all that by inviting entrepreneurs and business people to her new 7am comedy hour, Comedy A.M. The first show took place last Thursday at Blooms Business Club. “At first everyone had their arms crossed and they were really tense thinking ‘why am I here?’” said Gordon. “But then once we had the first few jokes and people started to laugh, they all relaxed. They started chatting and networking and meeting new like-minded people. It was a really special moment.”

Laughter vs stress

Gordon, who splits her time between comedy and her jewellery business, had the idea when she noticed that laughter was a great outlet for the pressures of starting your own business. According to a poll by market researcher Gallup, some 45% of entrepreneurs report high levels of stress.

Breakfast comedy

It might be hard to convince busy commuters to make an extra stop on their way to work, but Gordon is confident she can turn morning comedy into a natural part of a routine. “Ten, years ago people thought it was weird to go to the gym in the morning, now everyone thinks that’s normal. People go to raves and talks in the morning now. I think as it gets rolled out it’ll become normal, and there’ll be loads more of these things.” Morning raves hosted by groups such as Morning Gloryville and Daybreakers and have been a fixture in London for several years, but Comedy AM is the first morning event devoted to giving patrons a laugh.

Opportunity for romance

A morning visit to the comedy club could also offer an opportunity for romance, she said. “I have a lot of experience going on first dates in London and I usually try to book things in for the morning or afternoon because there’s less pressure. I feel more relaxed than when it’s the evening and if a guy wants to buy me a drink then there’s that connotation of what will or won’t happen next. Plus, with the advent of Tinder and other dating apps, a morning date is one way to avoid ruining your Friday or Saturday night with a stranger who turns out to be Mr Wrong. “And you don’t have to talk too much. Which for some people makes them really nervous. Here when you start laughing you calm your nerves.”

Fresh, early and fun

Comedians are not known for being early risers, but Gordon insists the 7 am set-up is great for them too. “As a comic myself I know that when you’re starting out and going on open mics you’ll be waiting around from 10pm and go on at midnight – all for a 6 minute set. Plus, they know they’re getting paid, which is not the case at all comedy nights. “Also, at Comedy AM they know that everyone is sober,” she added, “so when their stuff lands it must be really good. Because it’s much easier to get people to go along with your routine when they’ve had a little bit of a drink.”