Jeremy Corbyn wowed by touching Windrush tribute

A poetic performance about the Windrush generation was a highlight of an annual community event attended by Jeremy Corbyn last week.

Picture: Ash Hodges via Twitter

An Islington youth group delivered an emotive poetic performance about the Windrush generation in front of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour leader joined local families and volunteers for the annual event at Elizabeth House Community Centre on Hurlock Street in Highbury on 28 September.

Mr Corbyn, a trustee of the centre, called the performance “absolutely brilliant” and drew on the poem’s themes of pain and hurt in his address that followed. Highlighting the importance of community, he said shared struggles ultimately ‘help us to become stronger and more dedicated’.

The evening showcased the range of after-school, leisure and educational activities offered by Elizabeth House and featured performances from a steel band, a children’s drama group and others. Guests were then invited to attend taster sessions ranging from learning Spanish to attempting yoga.

Nathalie Renaud, the director of Highbury Vale Blackstock Trust which owns and manages Elizabeth House, said every year the aim of the event is to “bring the local community together to celebrate its diversity and encourage people to use the community centre”.