Islington volunteer visits Calais Jungle camp

A volunteer has travelled to Calais to take clothes and build shelters for refugees in the “Jungle” camp.

Adam Woodhall decided to venture to France from 27-29 November after hearing the stories about the migrant crisis in the media.

He said: “I have a dry, warm home with a comfy bed. As winter draws in, these people don’t have that. I wanted to take them some warm clothes.”

Adam appealed to friends and colleagues and managed to collect six bin bags’ worth of clothes and £255 in cash.

He was “blown away” by everyone’s generosity.

While the camp was set up as a temporary facility for the refugees fleeing from their homelands in the Middle East, some structures are becoming more permanent after border security to Britain was heightened.

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At the camp, Adam helped out with building some wooden shelters to house the refugees in during the winter months.

He said: “I don’t normally do anything ‘handy’ and when I was asked at the volunteer centre if I wanted to get involved in any DIY, I jumped at the chance. This felt good because I was contributing to people being drier and warmer this winter.

Adam also spoke of the distressing scenes at the camp. “To see what is effectively a slum shantytown on the outskirts of a modern industrial town, Calais, 20 miles from England, was overwhelming.

“To think there is a few thousand people in Calais, but in Syria there are a few million people displaced is pretty mind blowing.


Images: Adam Woodfall