Islington on a shoestring – Things to do in Islington (on the cheap)

Looking for things to do in Islington without breaking the bank? It might sound impossible, but it’s not - and whether you’re looking for cheap date ideas or a budget Mother’s Day trip (your poor Mum), here are the seven best things you can do in Islington on a shoestring.

Islington on a shoestring - Things to do in Islington (on the cheap)
Islington on a shoestring - Things to do in Islington (on the cheap)

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  1. Angel Comedy Club

    Angel Comedy Club, Islington

Everyone loves a good laugh. At the Angel Comedy Club you can watch some of the best up and coming comedians – for free! With a motto of ‘always free, always funny’ the show shouldn’t disappoint.

Every week night at 8pm the Camden Head pub turns its upstairs venue into a comedy gig. The pub is quaintly placed at the end of Camden Passage, a few minutes’ walk from Angel tube station. Be sure to get there early though or you won’t get a seat.

  1. Camden Passage

    Camden Passage
    Camden Passage

The passage is famous for having unique, independent shops selling everything from antiques to collectibles. There is also an array of niche restaurants, but just to wander and explore the area is fun too.

  1. Piebury Corner

    Super pies at Piebury Corner King's Cross
    Super pies at Piebury Corner King’s Cross

The famous pie diner. And with this week being British pie week, there’s a special offer of a free craft beer when you buy a pie. Originally set up  to feed Arsenal fans on match days, the owners came up with their name using a pun on Highbury – where the original stall was set up in a front garden. This year however you will have to venture to their locations at Holloway Road or Kings Cross to enjoy some of the best pies and craft beers in Islington.

  1. Free coffee from Waitrose

    Free coffee at Waitrose, Islington
    Free coffee at Waitrose, Islington

If you are out and about in Islington and in need of a caffeine fix without having to spend £5, Waitrose could be the place for you. The supermarket have a scheme in place where customers with a Waitrose card (available to anyone), you can pick up a free coffee whatever you spend. A simple trick is to pick up the cheapest thing you can find, such as a banana for as little as 10p, and – hey presto – you have a coffee (and one of your five a day).

  1. Regents Canal

    One of London's best scenic walks lies along Regent's Canal in Islington
    One of London’s best scenic walks lies along Regent’s Canal in Islington

If you’re looking for a scenic walk in the heart of London, you might think there was little chance in the concrete jungle. But the canal in Islington may surprise you as it winds and stretches through inner London, secluded away from buildings. Not only is it a pleasant walk, still very much enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, and boaters but there is also the opportunity to browse some of the stalls set up by those who live in the canal boats.

  1. London Canal Museum

    London Canal Museum near King's Cross, Islington
    London Canal Museum near King’s Cross, Islington

If that piqued your interest, you may be excited to know that you can visit the London Canal Museum for as little as £5 – with concessionary rates available. The museum, near Kings Cross, offers the chance to learn and explore the history of these forgotten canals,. many of which have now been built over. You can see inside a narrowboat cabin, learn about the cargoes, the people who lived and worked on the waterways, and peer down into the unique heritage of a huge Victorian ice well used to store ice imported from Norway.

  1. Islington Farmers Market

    Brockleby's Pies at Islington Farmers Market during British Pie Week
    Brockleby’s Pies at Islington Farmers Market during British Pie Week

This is the oldest farmers’ market in London, established in 1999, and naturally, it’s free to browse. Down at Chapel Market the weekly event is still going as strong as ever as people come from all over London to get the freshest produce for great value.This is as close to an East End market as you are likely to get.

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