Islington loses out to Lewisham in semifinals of “World Cup” of London boroughs

The most recent update to the London Borough World Cup table. The final will be between Lewisham and Lambeth.

Islington has had its dreams of being crowned the best London borough dashed by Lewisham in the “World Cup” of London Boroughs semi-final.

The “World Cup” of London Boroughs is a Twitter contest run by Hugo Marrow, @theorangeone, a maths graduate from Imperial College London. The contest has involved thousands of people so far and has even got local councillors starting up Twitter wars in a bid to further their “World Cup” ambitions. Joe Caluori, councillor for Mildmay, tweeted: “Come on! Lewisham isn’t even a real place. It’s a municipal invention. Also, who didn’t oppose the amalgamation of Deptford Docks from Greenwich in 1996? Madness. #Lewishambles”.

Mr Marrow told Islington Now: “We’ve had several MPs promoting their areas (the most high profile of which is surely Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry). A number of journalists too and who can forget Tony Robinson (Blackadder’s Baldrick)”.

Richard Watts, leader of Islington Council, claimed a moral victory on hearing the news that Islington had lost out to Lewisham in the semi-final. Nick Wayne, councillor for Canonbury, tweeted: “Does getting into the top 4 mean we qualify for the Champions League of European Boroughs?” In response to the final vote count for the Islington v Lewisham play off, Andy Hull, councillor for Highbury West, tweeted: “Why do all the most important votes go wrong by 52% to 48%?!?”

Mr Marrow is a dab hand at organising Twitter world cups, having run the Zone 1 Tube Stations World Cup at the end of last year. Talking about his inspiration for the “World Cup” of London Boroughs he said: “I guess it all started with Richard Osman’s World Cup of Biscuits in March last year.”

Lewisham, the semi-final victors, are set to play Lambeth in the final which will be featured live on BBC Radio London this evening. Hugo Marrow told Islington Now: “People do have pride in where they live, and it’s good to inspire that in people- even if only for the sake of a Twitter poll.” There is still hope for Islington to medal in the top three in a third place playoff against Greenwich.

Commenting on Islington’s journey to the semi-final,Mr Marrow said: “As for Islington getting this far, part of it is surely Ealing’s surprise defeat of Westminster in the second round, but it’s always been a strong contender.” Islington’s loss to Lewisham means that North London will go unrepresented in the final stage. North London voters will not have a clear borough to get behind as South London contests its civil war.

Although Mr Marrow is considering taking a short break from running Twitter world cups after this one, he admitted “I say this every time and it never happens. I just enjoy it too much I suppose.” British cities and musical instruments might be on the cards but he is eager to let the people decide what competition they want next by putting it to a poll.