Islington is singles capital of England and Wales

Islington wedding Photo credit: Toby Bradbury
Islington wedding Photo credit: Toby Bradbury
Photo credit: Toby Bradbury

If you’re looking for that special someone, you might have more luck here in Islington, as we’re the singles capital of the country.

In 2011, 60 per cent of over 16s in the borough had never been married, and a further 11 per cent were either divorced or widowed. This means that just 29 per cent of us were married.

In contrast, in England and Wales as a whole, 49 per cent of people were married at the time of the census.

The figures were revealed today as the Office for National Statistics published its latest census analysis.

Here’s their map detailing their findings:

We’ve also gathered together a few early reactions to the news on Twitter:

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