Islington is singles capital of England and Wales

Islington wedding Photo credit: Toby Bradbury
Islington wedding Photo credit: Toby Bradbury
Photo credit: Toby Bradbury

If you’re looking for that special someone, you might have more luck here in Islington, as we’re the singles capital of the country.

In 2011, 60 per cent of over 16s in the borough had never been married, and a further 11 per cent were either divorced or widowed. This means that just 29 per cent of us were married.

In contrast, in England and Wales as a whole, 49 per cent of people were married at the time of the census.

The figures were revealed today as the Office for National Statistics published its latest census analysis.

Here’s their map detailing their findings:

We’ve also gathered together a few early reactions to the news on Twitter:

Since you’re more likely to find a date in the borough, we’ve got a handy list of the best places to take them, as chosen by readers: The 5 best places to take a date in Islington


  1. Is this because there’s such a high proportion of bars and clubs? Or perhaps people are just more picky. Now people know it’s the singles captial it may put people off going there as they may worry about finding the one! Of course, there’s always online dating!

  2. That sounds about right! I’ve been on countless dates with men who live in Islington. Suffice to say, it hasn’t worked out with any of them. I shan’t be rushing to move there.

  3. I wonder if a seething mass of singles in one place isn’t more frightening for some singles with less confidence. If you go to a place where you theoretically ‘can’t fail’, the pressure to succeed might be overwhelming. As someone says, Islington is full of sociable places but for single people who are shy in a crowd, does this mean nirvana?

  4. I would like to add to Dan comment above.
    A large pool of singles in an area appears not “solve” singledom – if it’s a problem at all. I would be interested to know the reasons behind “the migration”.

  5. I agree that it’s definitely the type of individuals in the area that causes this kind of outcome. I’ve noticed trends between guys I’ve dated from different areas of London, and a very stark difference in non-Londoners. Probably a few articles on my blog that have covered similar topics too, x

  6. I’ve watched patterns like this happen in the states. Several neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY went through years of being full of single folks and then suddenly seemed to be full of babies and the new “single” neighborhoods popped up.

  7. How were the stats gathered? Were the only options: single/married/divorced/widowed?

    If gay and lesbian folk would’ve been automatically included as ‘single’ even if in a relationship (marriage being unfairly denied them until recently) this would skew things (a bit!) in areas with high gay populations.

    Also, I suspect availability of different types of housing (suitable for single occupancy, affordably) would be influential?

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  9. Is it because of the high concentration of young professionals? Whatever the reason, if you need help getting married or paired up, send me a message – I might be able to assist you!

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  10. Interesting article. While doing research for my “Sexy Witches” series, I found myself in need of all sorts of statistics on different locations. Thanks for keeping the romance writers of the world updated on where to find the most singles 😉

  11. Very informative article, surprising that Islington is top of the ranks as marriage seems to be fading out these days as people can’t seem to afford it anywhere! However it now shows that Islington can be the land of gold for those looking for someone to date! For those singletons looking for love, check out for date night accessories =)

  12. I had the same thought as The Love Doctor, I think it’s likely down to there being a high number of upwardly mobile young professionals in the area. If it doesn’t work out for you in Islington, you can always come to Glasgow and see how Gill did it in my novel The Dating Game! –

  13. Not sure about Islington being the singles capital! London is a great place for the yuppies though I suppose. Great article too.

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  14. I love the Islington Vibe. I used to live in Kensington but it was just so boring at night. Islington has a great Lesbian community and the feeling is so relaxed. I have never felt more comfortable anywhere in London.

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