Interactive: How Hygienic are your Favourite Restaurants?

A fry-up at The Elk in the Woods, Camden Passage. Photo: Ewan Munro
A fry-up at The Elk in the Woods, Camden Passage. Photo: Ewan Munro

A fry-up at The Elk in the Woods, Camden Passage. Photo: Ewan Munro

We’ve put together a map showing how hygienic restaurants and takeaways across Islington are, according to Food Standards Agency inspections.

Scores range from 0-5 as follows:

Score Description
5 Very good
4 Good
3 Generally satisfactory
2 Improvements necessary
1 Major improvement necessary
0 Urgent improvement necessary

Check out your favourite haunts or have a look at how hygienic eateries near your home are:

Some key figures:

  • Out of more than 1,600 establishments inspected, only 13 were given the dreaded zero rating.
  • More positively, 508 were given the full five.
  • The average rating across the borough is three, or “generally satisfactory”.

Just over 200 of the FSA entries lack postcode data, but of the rest, here’s how different postcodes stack up:

Postcode Average rating Establishments inspected
N8 2.5 2
N16 2.68 16
NW5 3 2
EC1V 3.32 125
N1 3.36 422
N4 3.48 110
EC1A 3.5 4
N7 3.53 266
WC1X 3.53 13
EC1R 3.62 77
N5 3.64 87
N19 3.76 133
EC1M 3.77 63
EC1Y 3.86 43
EC2A 4.05 20
EC2M 5 1
N6 5 3

How does your area compare to others? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Interested about some of the pubs –

    Charles Lamb Public House does some nice French food – surprised to see a one out of five. Also Earl of Essex where I’ve eaten a few times.

    Will check before I order some pub grub next time, even if a craft beer place.

  2. It’s always worth checking, Phill.

    Charles Lamb were last checked in October and the Earl back in August though, so there may have been improvements since then.

  3. As consumers, shouldn’t we be mentioning that we know the rating when we’re eating at one of the less well rated places? Perhaps if enough do then they may improve.

  4. Great article and map! It is good for consumers to be aware of the Food Hygiene Rating in their chosen restaurant/pub. A level 3 is really not good enough but anything less is pretty awful behind the scenes!

    If some eateries do not have enough respect for their customers to keep a clean kitchen, high level of food hygiene and good working practices why should we spend our hard earned cash in their establishment? It is really not difficult – just respectful and good business practice.

    We agree with Claire – let the business know that you know their rating (although why eat there if a bad rating?). The restaurant is supplied with a sticker to display on its door stating their Food Hygiene Rating so if there is no sticker it is likely they do not have a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating.

    Join us in the Food Safety Revolution – demand respect – only a Level 5 is good enough!

  5. They should be made to wear their rating on the front door (like street food vendors in Singapore). When it impacts their bottom line they will soon change their ways. Seemingly there are no serious repercussions for a <3 rating? Worryingly many are take aways, and the buyer on the phone would have no idea what the premises look like.

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