Historic clock tower set for facelift

A historic Holloway landmark is set to undergo significant renovations after the project met widespread approval from the public.

Islington Councillor Paul Smith has been pushing for improvements to the Caledonian Park Clock Tower, and nearly 97 per cent of all respondents to a recent survey approved the plans to carry out maintenance.

Officials intend to add a visitor centre to the space, in conjunction with English Heritage, and almost 70 per cent of people consulted agreed to those plans.

While Mr Smith says it remains “early days” on what he has dubbed his “personal project”, the results of the survey mean that the work on the clock tower can be pushed forward.

The clock tower and park itself are both historic locations, with the tower featuring a clock face initially designed for Big Ben.

The park was the location of the Metropolitan Cattle Market and a demonstration by the people in favour of the Tolpuddle Martyrs in 1834.

Mr Smith hopes that learning about the march, which supported the idea of trade unionism, in the new visitor centre will inspire residents.

He said: “For people who aren’t necessarily doing well in life, it’s good to know you can make a difference.”