Going Out in Islington: Best Ways to Get Home

London night bus

If you’re planning a night out in Islington and don’t want to end up alone at 2am with a phone that’s out of battery and no prior knowledge of how to get home…you’ve come to the right place.

After all, if you fail to prepare, you should prepare to fail.

1) Tube

Tube train

One for the early leavers amongst you – until the introduction of the 24-hour Tube service in 2015, at least – Islington has no fewer than 14 Tube stations, including 9 Underground stations, 4 Overground stations and one station that serves both (Highbury & Islington).

This means that, wherever you go in the borough, there’ll be a Tube station within 15 minutes’ stumbling distance.

London Tube map

For the full list, click here – and, for the map of the borough of Islington (with Tube stations shown), click here.

Of course, the major problem with this is that the last Tube currently leaves at around half-past midnight. So, if you’re looking for a 24-hour service…

2) Night bus

London night bus

Far from the most inspiring option, as a cramped bus packed with drunk revellers is usually not what one wants after nominally ending the night out, the night bus is nevertheless both the cheapest and often the most practical option.

Night buses tend to run from just after midnight until approximately 6:30am, and the list includes:

– Route 43: Friern Barnet to London Bridge (24 hours).

This route goes via Archway, the Holloway Road and Upper Street.

– Route 341: Angel Road Tesco to Waterloo County Hall (24 hours).

This route goes via Essex Road, Angel Station and Rosebery Avenue.

– Route N19: Finsbury Park Station to Clapham Junction Station.

This route goes via Highbury & Islington, Upper Street and Rosebery Avenue.

– Route N38: Walthamstow Central Station to Victoria Station.

This route goes via Essex Road, Angel Station and Rosebery Avenue.

– Route N41: Tottenham Hale Station to Trafalgar Square.

This route goes via Archway, the Holloway Road and Upper Street.

– Route N73: Walthamstow Central Station to Victoria Station.

Longer in total than the N38, the N73 spends less time going through Islington; after travelling along Essex Road to Angel Station, it then heads towards King’s Cross and Euston.

For a full list of bus routes in Islington, click here.

3) Boris bike

Boris bikes

Although not the safest way of getting home, especially after a few drinks, the sight of you riding determinedly away on a Boris bike in the early hours is sure to give your friends something to chuckle about, if nothing else.

Alas, bike stands can currently be found only in the southern part of Islington, so this is an option only for those going out south of the Highbury & Islington roundabout.

For a map of Boris bike locations, click here.

4) Taxi

London taxi

This is an expensive option but, as anyone who’s been to university knows, the cost of a taxi can be vastly reduced by sharing with friends. Additionally, with the new range of taxi-summoning apps available today (such as Uber), the whole process is much simpler than in the past.

Of course, if you’re concerned about safety, this should be your primary option.

5) On foot


At the end of a long night on the town, with feet hurting from hours of dancing, this might seem a highly unappealing option. But the fresh night air can do wonders for increasing sobriety and staving off a hangover, come the morning.


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