Flying Scotsman steams through Finsbury Park Station

Flying Scotsman in Islington

Islington residents gathered at Finsbury Park station to watch one of the world’s most famous steam locomotives make its first journey in over a decade.

After a £4m restoration project, the Flying Scotsman embarked on its trip from London King’s Cross to York on Thursday 27 February.

The record-breaking locomotive took five hours and 40 minutes to complete its journey, passing eager trainspotters in Islington at 7:55am.

It made world history in 1934 when it became the first steam train to travel at 100mph.

Peter O’Carroll, a 37-year-old IT technician from Camden, was among the onlookers as the train passed through Islington.

He told Islington Now: “I had heard my dad speak about the Flying Scotsman when he was alive, so I thought I would come and check it out for him. It was exciting when it pulled in. I’m really glad I came to have a look.”

The train was delayed by 20 minutes as it was forced to stop twice, first in St Neots and later at Doncaster, due to passengers being on the tracks.  

A total of 297 passengers enjoyed the ride, with some punters paying up to £450 for the pleasure.

Sir Nigel Gresley designed the locomotive, which was built in Doncaster Works. It made its first journey in 1923, and since then has travelled around 2,500,000 miles.

The Flying Scotsman is now on public display at the National Railway Museum in York, which purchased the steam locomotive for £2.3m in 2004.

Picture: Unseen Steam