Fly-tippers leave industrial estate overflowing with rubbish

Illegally dumped rubbish is overflowing at a disused industrial estate site, sparking concerns from residents.

Bush industrial estate on Station Road, Upper Holloway, has been full to the brim with waste since Saturday morning.

Vehicles began dumping rubbish hourly last week after travellers moved into the site. They been living in caravans on the site, without permission from the owner. The rubbish included old toilets, cardbox boxes, planks of wood and discarded chairs and tables. Plastic sheets, shelves and dozens of filled bin bags were also dumped on the site.

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Labour Councillor for Junction Ward Tim Nicholls issued a twitter update on Sunday night: “Our anti-social behaviour officers are visiting the area to respond to resident’s complaints of ASB (anti-social behaviour) on an almost daily basis, however there is severe difficulty in issuing any fixed penalties as those resident on the site claim to have no ID or fixed address and refuse to allow anyone on site to engage other than through a fence.”

The travellers suspected of fly-tipping have since been evicted from the site after joint council and police action but have left a mountain of waste behind, causing neighbours to worry about the potentially hazardous materials so close to their homes.

The travellers have been evicted from the site

Councillor Claudia Webbe, executive member for environment and transport, “We are furious at this fly-tipping. It is illegal dumping on an industrial scale.

“We took action with police to target vehicles suspected of involvement in the fly-tipping. Soon afterwards the site was abandoned by the fly tippers and a number of people who had been staying there without permission.

“We will now investigate what legal action can be brought. We will not tolerate such wilful and deliberate acts. Wherever possible we will seek the maximum penalties for fly-tipping.”

The Royal Mail had been renting, but not using, the site. The travellers are thought to have broken into an old warehouse where they initially began dumping the rubbish.

A spokesperson for Holloway Police said a joint operation was conducted with the local council to target the travellers’ vehicles that were believed to be used in the dumping of the waste.

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The spokesperson said: “Police present on the operation were stopping vehicles to ensure they were taxed, insured and being driven in accordance with the correct license. Whilst vehicles were stopped, local authority representatives were able to see if the drivers/occupants were working correctly to their waste disposal licence.”

The same day that the operation was conducted the travellers left the site and have not returned. .

Islington Council can issue on-the-spot fixed penalty notices of up to £400 for fly-tipping. For serious offences, fines can be up to £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment if convicted in a magistrates’ court.