Feeling ruff? These local dogs will cheer you up

On Sunday night in Birmingham a hundred thousand people flocked to see pooches of all shapes and sizes compete for Crufts ‘Best in Show’. The yearly event, held this year at the NEC arena, attracts the best-bred specimens. This year’s winner was ‘Miami Afterglo Ink’, who looked suspiciously like well-groomed pop star Sia.


But in Islington, the finest specimens are always on parade. Just pop down to Regent’s Canal, Northampton Square or Highbury Fields. This especially true on a day like Monday, when the sun is shining and temperatures hit 16 degrees (in March!). We hit the streets to seek out some of the borough’s finest canines.




We found Minski sunning herself by Regent’s canal as her owner lazed in the heat reading a book. This adorable mixed-breed was happy to sit for a biscuit (or two) and was immediately friendly.






Bichon Frise may not be to everyone’s taste. Some find them too yappy. But only the most heartless among us could deny this dog’s cuteness. Watch him wave those paws midair. I challenge anyone to witness this without involuntary saying ‘awww’.


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This rotund Black Labrador is almost 15 and has been an Islington resident for almost all her life. Before that she lived in Hackney, but she doesn’t talk about those days. Like most Labradors, the way to her heart is through her stomach. Her grey muzzle gets a lot of attention on Highbury Fields, where she likes to play on Sundays.





We have now reached peak cuteness. His name is Gordy, which means fat in Spanish, his owner Tia says. This hyperactive Bulldog puppy is only three-and-a-half-months-old. But he’s already developed those recognisable chubby rolls that make Bulldog’s so adorable.





Sadie, the 6-year-old King Charles spaniel, likes to frequent Wilmington Square. This adorable pooch recently moved down south from Manchester and is enjoying exploring the abundant parks of North London.




This Cockapoo wins the prize for most inventive name. His name, his owner Jack says, comes from the fact he means business. Business already has modelling experience. Just last weekend, he modelled a range of designer collars. Understandably, he was very good at posing for the camera.





Lorie’s owners adopted him from All Dogs Matter in Barnet. His owners questioned why we wanted to snap the three-year-old mixed-breed. “He’s so ugly”, they said. But this energetic bundle of fun is as cute as any other dog we’ve seen.

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