Don’t get fooled by more fake Banksys – Essex Road street art guide

Earlier this week the internet was duped by fake reports announcing the arrest of graffiti artist Banksy.

So avoid getting tricked by more fake Banksys and similar street art by taking a look at our guide to the graffiti on Essex Road.


This piece is generally credited to the infamous artist Bambi (that’s Bambi not Banksy) and can be spotted in an alleyway off Essex Road – captioned with the line ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’.


This unclaimed mallard sits on top of a cable box, just ducking out of site from the main road.


Another one attributed to Bambi, aptly named ‘You lift my spirits’.


Her Royal Flyness can be seen soaring on a stenciled motorbike just off Packington Street.


Probably wouldn’t be confused for a Banksy, but better safe than sorry. This Ancient-Egyptian meets modern is tagged by French artist Zabou and even includes a link to her website.

6. 1

Look closely and you’ll see the tag of  notorious stencil artist ‘Stewy’, on the bottom left.

7. 13

Ball Dog not Bulldog, get it? This one is another from the prolific Bambi.

8. 11

Another unidentified stencil piece off Packington Street, curiously picturing a child with a rocket launcher.


The final Bambi street art on this list, this features a cherub clutching what looks like a pint of Guinness.


Finally, this is the only confirmed Banksy on Essex Road. The flag previously depicted children showing allegiance to the Tesco bag flag, but was defaced back in 2010.