Dinosaur costume raises over £1000 for Islington charity

Image: Robert Stuart/Stuart Low Trust Ltd

If you were running a race and saw a dinosaur, would you run with it or away from it?

Kat Millward discovered the answer to this question when she put on a dinosaur costume during the Big Sunday Fun Run in Victoria Park, on Saturday 28 October.

Millward was joined by a friend, Kate Giblin, who dressed up as The Flash, and three other amateur runners, Rita Fernandez, Joannis Frangoullides and Jonathan Giblin.

Doing so, the team raised £1,497.25 for a local Barnsbury charity, The Stuart Low Trust, which specialises in mental health and wellbeing services.

On the day of the race, Millward’s proposed costume did not work as well as she had hoped for, and she was left competing without the inflated head. “I’m disappointed as a 7-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex is much more impressive than a saggy dinosaur with a human head!” she said.

Kat Millward in her costume before the race. Image: Robert Stuart/Stuart Low Trust Ltd

This did not stop her, or her teammates, from completing the course. “I got to chase some children, make spectators laugh, and chat to some lovely people about why the Stuart Low Trust is so wonderful,” Millward said.

The money raised will be put forward to the charity’s Saturday Project, which promotes mindfulness and relaxation through multiple workshops.

Millward, who is a trustee for The Stuart Low Trust, has won awards for her service and also ran her first half-marathon this year. She completed the course in 2 hours, 12 minutes and 49 seconds (2:12:49), while also raising a total £715 for the charity.