Crowdfunding battle to change high-rise development plans

Residents in Tufnell Park have launched a crowdfunding campaign to thwart plans to replace the local church with a seven-storey block of flats.

The church leaders want to demolish the current building and erect a 200-seat church in its place, alongside a block of 24 flats.

A group of twelve residents calling themselves the Crayford Gardeners have launched an appeal to raise £818 to combat the plans proposed by St George’s Church.

If they are successful, the cash will pay for an architect to draw up designs for an alternative development.

With 32 days left, the appeal has reached almost three quarters of its goal, with £580 already pledged.

Roderick Gonggrijp, the resident who started the appeal, says that locals are willing to compromise.

“We are reaching out to the church in a positive way. We are telling them that there are other ways to achieve what they want to achieve. This is a community-friendly compromise,” he said.

But Reverend Melanie Toogood, of St George’s Church, said: “We are trying to use the church’s land in the best possible way for the building up of a better community.”


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