Churchill gives two fingers to vandals who defaced mural

Image credit to Nick Jobbings, artist

A CAFÉ owner on Blackstock Road has invited a vandal to “discuss politics” over coffee, after its mural of Winston Churchill was defaced for the second time.

The street art on the wall of Blighty Coffee in Finsbury Park depicts Churchill in his famous two fingers pose, alongside the slogan ‘DOUBLE SHOT’.

Image credit to Nick Jobbings, artist
Image: Nick Jobbings, artist

Earlier this month, the words “scum” and “imperialist” were spray-painted across the design. This followed an instance shortly after the mural was created in July this year, when it was defaced with “warmonger”.

Chris Evans, 35, who founded Blighty Coffee, believes one person is responsible for both incidents.

He said: “It’s the same person, definitely – I recognised the writing. It would be nice to get the individual who did it in for a coffee, and we can discuss politics with him, see what’s on his mind.

“Our idea is to try and use whatever he does and merge it into the design, so it becomes an ever-evolving mural, based on this lunatic who keeps coming back.”

Mr Evans explained that the culprit has completely missed the point.

He said: “The idea is that he’s got his two fingers up for a double shot of coffee. The idea wasn’t to get involved with politics.

“So this person is just wasting their time and giving us a headache unnecessarily. But you’ve always got one, haven’t you?”

The mural was painted by illustrator Nick Jobbings, 33, who was asked to create a ‘Blighty’ themed design after the café opened in May.

Mr Jobbings said: “We thought Churchill was a liked, admired figure, and not a symbol of hate.

“As an artist, you want your work to be admired and enjoyed, so I was dismayed that someone had taken offence to it, especially as it was a lot of work.

“It’s an escalating battle, because they’re using bigger writing and taking up more of the mural, making it harder to rectify.”

Dave Hughes – @DaveHughes1990