CAUGHT: One half of the diamond cutter duo who escaped Pentonville, amidst calls to close the prison

Source: Flickr Alexander Edward

• Matthew Baker was caught by police on Wednesday night
• His partner in crime James Whitlock is still at large
• There are calls to close the prison after the murder two weeks ago

One of the Pentonville Prison escapees was caught by police last night after a three day manhunt whilst his accomplice remains at large.

Matthew Baker 28, escaped with James Whitlock, 31, on Monday. They were reported missing at 12:00 GMT.

Baker, pictured, was found in East London. He was being held at HMP Pentonville awaiting sentencing for stabbing a man 25 times in Dagenham, Essex.


Matthew Baker Source: Met Police
Matthew Baker Source: Met Police

The pair used a diamond-tipped cutter and dummies to foil security and flee HM Pentonville. The cutter is thought to have been smuggled in using a drone.

Whitlock was on remand after being charged with conspiracy to burgle cash machines.

The MP for Islington South and Finsbury Emily Thornberry told Islington Now that recent events at Pentonville were down to spending cuts, restricting police resources and leaving officers to work in “impossible circumstances”.

Thornberry has criticised the Conservative government, who she said repeatedly ignored her emails expressing the concerns of local people who feel “intimidated” by the state Pentonville. She said: “I’ve written to several politicians. It’s as if I’m writing in Swahili. They need to get a grip. It was built in 1842. It is inappropriate.”
Local residents took to twitter to criticise the Metropolitan Police’s handling of the recent escapes.

Scott Bellamy, 29, a resident of the Caledonian area for the past seven months said: “Unless they (the Met) had evidence to suggest the escapees had indeed fled the area, they should have communicated directly with residents to reassure about the situation. I was limited to what I was reading online and I live only about 100 yards from the prison wall.”
Dave Sunni, who has lives on nearby Roman Way, said “Drones and things are thrown regularly. There’s many policing issues as it is around Cally so no surprise if people saw these guys escape and didn’t report it.”

Local Councillor Paul Convery tweeted: “For months, complaints about drugs, weapons etc conveyed over Pentonville wall. Neighbourhood now threatened by escaped inmates. Close it!”

Police have advised anyone who sees Whitlock not to approach him, but to call 999.