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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Materials for luxury development allegedly being lifted over pedestrian streets
Potholes on our roads are adding to the danger already caused by broken and uneven pavements, which cost thousands of pounds in injury compensation every year. A Freedom of Information request has revealed that injured residents claimed almost £60,000 over...
5.8 per cent of state school pupils from Islington were classed as persistent absentees
A Finsbury fraudster with £80,000 in the bank has been ordered to repay £12,000 of housing and council tax benefits.
Patients at Whittington are being charged over the national average to park their cars at the hospital. People driving to the hospital have to pay £3.00 an hour to use the Whittington’s car park which is £1.85 higher than the rest of the UK, a study by a health watchdog revealed.

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Islington Now's guide to the best in culture and entertainment in the week ahead
Islington Council’s clean-up campaign has given the borough a much needed makeover, but will it really last? The thing with a well-publicised spring clean is that it risks giving off the impression that the effects are enough to last a...
Struggling to find a flat in Islington? Google has a unique suggestion: a cell in Holloway Prison. Eagle-eyed Londoner David Burgess spotted that when you look for "estate agent islington" on the popular search engine, Holloway Prison comes up as a top...
Online petition fails to save the butchers from an electrical substation
The Royal Academy of Arts has unveiled a series of boarding designs by City and Islington College students (pictured above). The artworks will be displayed outside the gallery in Piccadilly. Students created the designs with the help of artist Diana Taylor and...