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The borough is famous for its independent traders, so we took a trip to Chapel Market to meet the faces behind your lunch.   Image credit: Bill Boaden
The Royal Academy of Arts has unveiled a series of boarding designs by City and Islington College students (pictured above). The artworks will be displayed outside the gallery in Piccadilly. Students created the designs with the help of artist Diana Taylor and...
The Community & Wildlife Watch app, created by Smart Earth Network (SEN), attaches a GPS location to photos taken on the canal. Any photographs uploaded will then be sent to Islington’s Wildlife Crime Officer for inspection. The app is part...
An Interactive map of the top stories for the week beginning 24 March 2014
Where has Wenger recruited from the most?
While covering a hip-hop event last week, one of Islington Now's reporters put himself forward when organisers requested an audience member to join a few dancers on stage. But we weren't quite expecting what happened next. Michael was treated to...
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Michael Allen was subjected to an aggressive rendition of the bum-wiggling dance move - made famous by Miley Cyrus - during a twerking competition in front of 200 people at hip-hop venue Scala. Dressed in a velvet jacket and standing...
Rushing every morning to work, few of us notice the nuggets of wisdom (or humour) penned down on an underground notice board. Almost every day a different message if left for those who pass through Angel station.
"What do you mean 'there's no affordable housing in Islington'?