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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Islington life

Friday Exhibit: Home from Home A solo exhibition from artist and photographer Lucy Hill at the Islington Arts Factory in Holloway depicting the dramatic landscape of the Peak District. When: 21st March- 28th March Where: The Islington Arts Factory, 2 Parkhurst Road, London...
Scarfing down ox hearts doesn’t sound like a usual feature of a good diet but a new burger from ‘street fooders’  Tongue n’ Cheeks promises to be a leaner, meaner patty for the health conscious Islingtonite. The Heartbreaker burger, which...
LilyMaila marries two seemingly divergent businesses of coffee and hair. A cafe and a salon in one, it proves small businesses can thrive if they break away from traditional models.
Rushing every morning to work, few of us notice the nuggets of wisdom (or humour) penned down on an underground notice board. Almost every day a different message if left for those who pass through Angel station.
A quick audio round-up of the week's featured news
'Slide Reforms' in reference to this Islington Now exclusive. Cartoon by Chris Sutcliffe
Comedy aplenty at The Islington
Use our interactive map to find out how hygienic restaurants and takeaways are in your area
4,000 bowling fans protest Rowan's Bowling closure