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Sunday, March 18, 2018


“What do we do now, now that we are happy?” Estragon’s demand of his fellow tramp, Vladimir, is especially pertinent to Sean Mathias’ production of Waiting for Godot.
The final section of the Market Estate is being demolished later this month. 64 artists from around the world came together to celebrate its final days.
Arron Merat says in his column that gospel could be about to take off in the borough. Have a listen to this gospel tune and let us know what you think. Dorothy Love-Coates - I'm Just Holding On http://www.youtube.com/v/7emqvkt0T-Y&hl=en_GB&fs=1& And the gospel...
Step behind the gold velvet curtain of the vintage shop at 46 Essex Road, and into Islington's latest pop-up gallery. The exhibition is artistic duo Sardine and Tobleroni's homage to the punk-rock movement. "The artists are interested in bad taste",...