Car crash at busy Holloway junction

An accident involving a white lorry and a dark blue Toyota break occurred on Wednesday at an Islington junction.

The crash happened at around 3pm at the junction between Parkhurst Road, Camden Road and Hillmarton Road in Holloway.

The white lorry was seriously damaged at the front, while the Toyota was majorly dented on its right-hand side.

It is likely that the Toyota was coming from Hillmarton road, and the lorry from Camden Road.

Nelson Gaete, managing director at The Castle Bar, a pub and Bed and Breakfast on Camden Road, said accidents often happen at this junction.

“I’ve been working here for many years, and there are accidents about every two months,” he said. “There must be a problem with this junction”.

As part of its 2014 ‘Space for cycling’ campaign, the local Islington Cyclists’ Action Group has called for protected spaces for cyclists on main roads in the borough. Hillmarton and Parkhurst Roads were identified as two roads where safety could be improved.

Improvements on Hillmarton Road were also part of the priorities fixed by Islington Council as announced in the ward improvement plan released in March 2014.

Though no one was seriously injured, an ambulance quickly arrived at the scene to provide care to those involved in the crash.

Police at the scene declined to comment.

An investigation into the exact circumstances of the accident is continuing.