Brave teenager rescued from Highbury blaze

A 15-year-old boy was rescued after an intense fire ravaged his family home – the second fire in Islington within a week. The boy remained on the phone to 999 operators throughout his ordeal giving them details of his location which were relayed to the fire services.

Watch manager Tony Marshall from Islington Fire Station said: “Thanks to the advice the boy was receiving from our 999 control operators he was able to give exact details of where he was in the house and crews were able to locate and rescue him very quickly from the second floor.”witherington-rd

To the relief of waiting neighbours, the boy was eventually rescued from the second floor by being led down the internal staircase by firefighters wearing breathing apparatus to protect them from the toxic smoke.

Four fire engines and more than 20 firefighters attended the fire which started at around 11am on Saturday. The three story house, on Witherington Road in Highbury, is only one street from Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

The second and third floors were devastated by the fire and smoke and blackened curtains could be seen blowing in the wind through the open windows.
Firefighters estimated that 50 per cent of the roof was damaged.

The boy was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and is thought to have been taken to hospital for tests.

Photo Credit – Georgia Graham