Boris risks lives with plans to slash and burn fire services

Clerkenwell Fire Station faces closure under the Mayor's cuts. Image: R Sones
Clerkenwell Fire Station faces closure under the Mayor's cuts. Image: R Sones
Clerkenwell Fire Station faces closure under the Mayor’s cuts. Image: R Sones

We should all be worried that the London Fire Authority has abandoned its court battle against Boris’ proposed fire station closures. Without Clerkenwell fire station, Islington will be in grave danger, whatever the floppy-haired joker says.

Let’s look at the facts. We live in the most populated borough in the country, housing 34 times more families than the national average, with the number still rising. More than that, Clerkenwell fire-fighters cover St Barts hospital and Farringdon station, which will welcome 56,000 hard workers every morning by the time Crossrail is finished in 2015.

Everyone could feel the heat; fire doesn’t care about pay packets or the size of your mansion. Boris and other politicians should remember that.

With 12 fewer fire stations and 18 fewer fire engines it will be impossible for London to meet the six minute response time. Don’t just take my word for it, that’s what London fire chiefs living in the real world say.

And if central London suffers another terrorist attack, Clerkenwell is the emergency station we’ll be relying on to keep us alive. Should bombings like 7/7 happen in the future, there is a real chance that no-one would be there to answer the screams for help.

So why make such a stupid decision? Boris was re-elected on the promise he was committed to cutting tax. The money saved from closing the stations would keep the Mayor’s budget fat and let the rich get their tax cut.

All the buildings listed to be closed are in fashionable areas. If I was a gambling man, I’d bank on them being turned into flats. Better odds than any bet on the races.

Gregory Edwards, Leader of the Save Clerkenwell campaign, says it best: “The whole thing is party political. Boris and friends do grasp the truth, but they are hiding behind average figures and ignoring the consequences.”

Risking lives for party politics is more than spineless. When it comes back to bite us it’ll be no joke, but you’ll still find Boris laughing all the way to Parliament.