Tributes paid to beloved shopkeeper who ‘kept the community alive’

Flowers and cards were amongst some of the tributes left for Victor Ramesh.

Picture: Lucy Knight

Residents of St George’s paid emotional tributes to a much loved shopkeeper, who died suddenly of a heart attack while opening up the shop last Thursday morning.

Picture: Lucy Knight

Victor Ramesh, who had been running Camden Superstores in Dalmeny Avenue for 16 years, recently returned to work after having been in the hospital for his heart problems.

Many of Camden Superstores’ regular customers gathered around the shop’s entrance in the days following his death, leaving tributes of flowers and cards and exchanging stories about Ramesh.

“He was such a lively character,” Shohir Uddin, a local resident who has been coming to the shop since he was a child, said.

“He was always smiling no matter what. He was always positive,” Tanya Appleby, a local resident said. “He kept the community alive. The shop and Delaney Avenue won’t be the same without him.”