Awful Tinder date has bizarre twist

Canonbury dating blogger Lauren Crouch never anticipated the impact one bad Tinder date would have.

Her blog received 500,000 hits after she revealed how a man she met off Tinder asked for a refund for a £3.50 coffee when she declined a second date.

“It was bizarre,” she told Islington Now, “I was suddenly receiving phone calls from Good Morning America and my friends were telling me Ashton Kutcher tweeted about it.”

The success of her blog ‘No Bad Dates Just Good Stories’ has led to a nomination for Crouch as one of the UK’s top dating bloggers.

Although Lauren lost the award to Jordi Sincalir, she did get to attend the lavish awards ceremony at the Honourable Artillery Company in London.

When asked why the dating industry has become such a lucrative business sector, Crouch said: “Online dating is no longer taboo. Signing up to a dating site used to be a last resort, now everyone has a dating app on their phone.

“People are much more open about their willingness to meet someone, whether they’re looking for a casual hookup or a longterm relationship.”

Charly Lester, founder of the UK Dating Awards, agreed that the stigma surrounding online dating is “evaporating.”

“It means far more people are open to finding love online.”

She added, “online dating allows people to search for ‘The One’ in their own time, at their own leisure.”

Online dating has its perks, but Crouch says there is also a less appealing side to the dating platform: “Apps such as Tinder allow people a certain amount of anonymity which makes them feel less accountable.

“Some people feel they can say whatever they want just because they aren’t speaking to someone face-to-face.”

Photo: Lauren Crouch