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An international student’s guide to the best pubs in Islington

After a thorough analysis of the typical Londoner, I have discovered that they all gather in places of worship called a ‘pub’ where they share a ‘pint’ and get piss-drunk. Whilst trying to be British by singing “God save the Queen,” and declaring fish and chips to be the best meal ever, I thought partaking in

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Ammonia attack follows suspected gang fight in Islington

A man was injured when ammonia was thrown towards him after trying to split up a fight between suspected gang members on Mildmay Road on Sunday 18 October. The thirty-something man was burnt by ammonia flung from the crowd. Police suspect the incident is linked to two affiliated local gangs, the Red Pitch Gang and Soldiers

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Islington’s finest St Paddy’s Day boozers

Islington has a long tradition of Irish immigration, with the 2011 census showing that it has the second-largest Irish population in London (second only to Brent). With St Patrick’s Day fast dawning, we’ve put together a suggested shortlist of local Irish boozers. Let the heavy drinking commence.  The Auld Triangle This Finsbury Park local holds regular

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